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Darby Equipment Company
16-18" Internal Pneumatic Clamp (IPC16-18)

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pipe roller cradles Filters, lubricators, regulators and valves all rated to 250psi
pipe roller cradles Fully hardened dowel pins
pipe roller cradles Nose cone made of seamless 4130 steel for durability
pipe roller cradles Clamp frame is built using 1 1/2"x 3/8" angle iron to create a strong, durable frame
pipe roller cradles Darby uses grade 8 bolts and the highest quality seals and u-cups in our assemblies
pipe roller cradles Darby uses only the highest quality high pressure quick exhausts
pipe roller cradles Air tubes are electro statically plated to reduce corrosion
pipe roller cradles Two Stage Stainless Steel Air Tank: Rigid mounted air tank for 40' joints; Large trailer tank for 60' and 80' joints available
pipe roller cradles Remote operated by reach rod
pipe roller cradles Most clamps can cover two pipe sizes through the use of conversion kits
pipe roller cradles All powered clamps have a 25 degree climbing capability
pipe roller cradles Powered line travel on models 16" to 60 " for easy operational mobility through the pipe

Technical Specifications:
Pipe Size Range 16"-18" (406-457mm)
Wall Thickness Range .125"-.500" (3.18-12.7mm) on 16"(406mm)
125"-.750" (3.18-19.05mm) on 18"(457mm)
Standard Length 100" (2540mm)
Width 14" (356mm)
Height 14" (356mm)
Weight 545 lbs (247 kg)
Working Air Pressure 180-220 psi
Air Motor .9 hp Cleco
Air Tank 10 gal w/ 3 gal reserve
Clamping Shoes 16 total clamp shoes, 8 on each section
Cylinder 8" (203mm)
Climbing Capacity 25 degree + slope